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                                                      OCTOBER 5, 2019

                                                     TUNBRIDGE, VT

The joint CGA/NWCA Fleece Competition for 2019 will be held at the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival in Tunbridge, VT, in conjunction with the CGA Cashmere Goat Show. We are making use of the same facilities and the same weekend, and, except for kids, who have no fleece to submit, goats entered in the live show will automatically be included in the fleece competition.  We are using the same entry form for both, and a single fee makes it possible for you to enter just one or both competitions.  We are also offering a new option this year, since the CGA Goat Database and Registry is ready to receive new candidates:  Goat owners who would like to have a fleece evaluated so that a goat can be considered for inclusion in the CGA Cashmere Goat Registry, without being part of the competition, may request fleece assessment only.  The fee for assessment only is $5, half the cost of a competition entry or a goat show entry.  Wendy Pieh from Bremen, Maine will be judging the fleeces in addition to her responsibilities as judge for the 2019 live goat show.    

Fleeces will be evaluated on each of the elements that have been identified in the North American Cashmere Goat standard, which include fiber diameter, style, differentiation, length, uniformity, yield, and the total down weight of the fleece.  Participants will receive a scorecard with a detailed record of the evaluation, and goats whose assessments meet the North American Cashmere Goat standards for fleece quality will be eligible for registration in the CGA Cashmere Goat Registry.

All cashmere producers in the U.S. and Canada are invited to send their fleeces to the 2019 competition and assessment service, and we hope that everyone will support our efforts for a truly broad-based competition.

All fleeces for the competition and assessment, including fleeces for goats who will be competing in the goat show, must be delivered in advance to the fleece competition chairman.  Alas, we can’t accept fleeces that arrive unheralded during the show weekend.  As chairman for the competition, I will be collecting and organizing the fleeces into classes here in my dining room.  Fortunately, it’s rarely used for dining.     My address:                                         

                                                          Pam Haendle

                                                          10601 Merrill Road

                                                          West Edmeston, NY 13485


Here are the rules for selecting and preparing the fleeces:

1.       Fleeces should be clean and free of noticeable vegetable matter.

2.       Fleeces should be from the 2019 harvest.

3.       Fleeces should not be dehaired or washed.

4.       Fleeces may be combed or shorn.

5.       The entire fleece should be included, not just a sample.

6.       The complete fleece should be submitted in a one or two gallon Ziploc bag.  If the fleece is too large to fit into one bag (congratulations!), two bags can be used, with explanatory notes enclosed in both.   Please don’t write anything on the bag itself.

7.       Inside each bag, enclose an index card with the following information:

a.       Owner Name  

b.       Goat’s Herd code and name

c.       Goat’s sex and year of birth

8.       Unless you will be present in Tunbridge to collect the fleeces after the show, please enclose a second card with your name and address so that we will have a handy mailing label when we mail the fleece back to you after the competition.

9.       Please limit competition entries to 3 per sex/year of birth.


A form for entry of your fleeces can be found here.   Please complete an entry form for every fleece to be entered, keeping track of the number of goats entered as you proceed.   After all of the entries have been completed, you may click the PayPal button to make your payment.  If you are unable to use PayPal, you may enclose a check (made out to the CGA) with your fleece entries.

The fee for each entry in the goat show or fleece competition is $10.  (Part of the fee covers the postage for returned fleeces.)    If you are participating in the goat show, your $10 fee for entry in the show covers your inclusion in the fleece judging.

The fee for each entry for fleece assessment only (no competition) is $5.

Pay Now via Paypal

If you run into problems with the form or making the payment, please contact Pam at with all of the required information so that the entries can be made for you.   

Please make sure that the forms are submitted by September 24th and that the fleeces are in the mail by September 20th.    The only exception to this is the mass mailing of fleeces that will occur after the competition at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.

The division of fleeces into classes will probably be similar to divisions we have used in prior years, but we won’t know for sure until the fleeces start rolling in.    Wendy will make the final call regarding combining birth years.

If you have any questions – please ask!    You can reach Pam most readily at

If having your fleeces evaluated by an expert and compared to fleeces from all over North America isn’t motivation enough for you to get those fleece bags out of the closet, please don’t forget that presenting a qualifying evaluation from a recognized judge is one of the three ways in which owners can submit a candidate for registration to the CGA Database and Registry.  The questions on the entry form about the goat’s ancestors and its characteristics will be used to create a base entry for each goat entered, and owners will be able to use the new database interface (see Database & Registry) to add in the assessment scores.   Owners who prefer that a goat’s evaluation information not be available to the public do have the option of having the data marked as unavailable for display in the database, but we hope that you will want to have your goat’s information included in the database.  People who are searching for goats to buy or rent will be able to pull up information on your goats, and you will be contributing to the collection of reliable data that will become a basis for research.

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