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The Cashmere Goat Association Database was developed to serve as a repository for information on cashmere goats, originally limited to North America.  The Cashmere Goat Association Registry is a subset of the database, containing data on goats who meet the qualifications for cashmere goats specified in the North American Cashmere Goat standard. The database also contains pedigree information on qualifying goats and evaluation information on historical goats.  The CGA hopes that the database will:

  • Serve as a resource for cashmere goat breeders seeking high quality stock
  • Promote continuous improvement in the quality of cashmere goats in North America by recognizing goats meeting the standards
  • Serve as a resource for research into breeding approaches and correlations among goat characteristics
  • The CGA Registry is an open registry. Each animal must qualify on its own merits, not on those of its parents. The database will also contain basic information on goats that appear in the pedigrees of registered goats, even if they are not registered.   Goats that are on the database as "pedigree only" entries will not appear in the List of Registered Goats, but they can be located through the Search by Herd Code and Name.

    Anyone who visits the CGA Registry site,, will be able to list farms and herd codes, find active farms nearby, learn about specific goats they have heard about, find goats descended from a goat, find registered goats with characteristics (like cashmere or guard hair color) and qualities (evaluation scores) they specify, and list all the goats who have been registered in the database.

    Farmers who have defined farms (with herd codes) in the database may also use functions for maintaining information on their farm, for adding goats who are candidates for registration, and for maintaining evaluation data from shows, competitions, and lab testing. Individuals wishing to obtain a herd code or to update information on a farm can contact Pam Haendle at Not sure what a herd code is? Some basic information on herd codes can be found here.

    The series of steps to complete when you have lab test results for a goat or a goat has been evaluated in a show or through a fleece competition is stored in a PDF that is available for download here and on the CGA Registry site.   You can also walk through the process in this youtube video :    and in this one:

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