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The following two videos are password-protected; passwords provided below. 

Cashmere Goat Clinic with Dr. Joe David Ross at Spring Gate Farm, VA (Sponsored by the Cashmere Goat Association ) Part One | Two | Three

Passwords:   CGARoss1,   CGARoss2,  CGARoss3

Springtide Farm Cashmere Goat Hoof Trimming Lesson                   Click Here

Password: CGA

"You're still Part of the Pack!"   A ZOOM panel discussion held September 26, 2020

Experienced CGA members discussed management practices, strategies for controlling parasites, breeding decisions, and assessing fiber qualities. 

                 Password for the panel discussion above:  u054C08&

                 And here is a copy of the chat file recorded during the discussion:  CHAT 

A discussion with Joe David Ross - Goat rancher, veterinarian, and founder father of cashmere goats in the US.    A recording of the Zoom meeting with Dr. Ross, held on February 26, 2021, can be found here:

CGA Presentation Chat with Dr. Joe David Ross DVM US Cashmere: Past, Present, and Everything Between

Combing cashmere with Jane Hammond :

 Combing Cashmere with Jane

Bill Simms Fiber Testing Laboratory at Texas A & M - explaining the process 

CGA Presentation :Cashmere Fiber Testing Live Webinar with Texas A&M

Microchipping your Goat with Dr. John Wade

CHAT file on microchips - with links

Preparing to Process your Cashmere Fiber with Diedre Bushnell of Still River Mill 

Preparing to Process Your Cashmere Fiber : Sponsored by the Cashmere Goat Association

Registering Cashmere Goats with Pam Haendle

Genomic Research project with Langston University 

Parasites in Goats with Dr. tatiana Stanton

Nutrient Requirements in Goats LINC 

Understanding Forage Quality with Carl Majewsky


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