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The following two videos are password-protected; passwords provided below. 

Cashmere Goat Clinic with Dr. Joe David Ross at Spring Gate Farm, VA (Sponsored by the Cashmere Goat Association ) Part One | Two | Three

Passwords:   CGARoss1,   CGARoss2,  CGARoss3

Springtide Farm Cashmere Goat Hoof Trimming Lesson                   Click Here

Password: CGA

"You're still Part of the Pack!"   A ZOOM panel discussion held September 26, 2020

Experienced CGA members discussed management practices, strategies for controlling parasites, breeding decisions, and assessing fiber qualities. 

                 Password for the panel discussion above:  u054C08&

                 And here is a copy of the chat file recorded during the discussion:  CHAT 

A discussion with Joe David Ross - Goat rancher, veterinarian, and founder father of cashmere goats in the US.    A recording of the Zoom meeting with Dr. Ross, held on February 26, 2021, can be found here:

CGA Presentation Chat with Dr. Joe David Ross DVM US Cashmere: Past, Present, and Everything Between

Combing cashmere with Jane Hammond :

 Combing Cashmere with Jane

Bill Simms Fiber Testing Laboratory at Texas A & M - explaining the process 

CGA Presentation :Cashmere Fiber Testing Live Webinar with Texas A&M

Microchipping your Goat with Dr. John Wade

CHAT file on microchips - with links

Preparing to Process your Cashmere Fiber with Diedre Bushnell of Still River Mill 

Preparing to Process Your Cashmere Fiber : Sponsored by the Cashmere Goat Association


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