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Fleece Evaluation Opportunities

Fleece evaluations from CGA recognized judges are now available year-round.   Our only remaining domestic testing lab, Texas A & M, is currently working to recalibrate their machinery and to find a new approach to measuring length, so we are particularly fortunate to have an excellent alternative to lab testing.  Human judges can also provide a more complete assessment of a fleece by examining multiple samples from a full fleece. They can record total down weight, and they can make observations on combing techniques and consistency throughout the fleece.

Wendy Pieh from Bremen, Maine and David DeLaMater from Schaghticoke, NY  and Jayne Deardorff from Colville, Washington have all offered to assess fleeces, using the standard CGA scorecard.  All are experienced, recognized judges and will accept fleeces mailed to them at any time during the year.    It is a great way to learn about your fleeces, as the judges offer comments and suggestions along with scores for fiber diameter, fiber uniformity, style, style uniformity, differentiation, and length uniformity, as well as data on length, yield, and total fleece weight.

Please contact the judges prior to mailing your fleeces to them.

Wendy Pieh

 207-441-8606 C

123 Rial Herald Rd

Bremen ME 04551


David DeLaMater


1742 County Route 113

Schaghticoke, NY 12154-2536

Jayne Deardorff


986 Artman Gibson Road

Colville, Washington 99114-9751

The process is easy and inexpensive, $5 per fleece/goat.   Please download and print a copy of this standard CGA scorecard for each of your fleeces.    On the scorecard, fill in the sex and birth year for each goat.  Write your name and the herd code and name of the goat and the goat’s id number (from a microchip or ear tag or tattoo) on the back of the scorecard.  This allows the judge to do a blind assessment of your fleece without knowing the name of your goat.  After the evaluation, the judge will enter the goat’s herd code and name on the front of the scorecard, so that it will be visible when the scorecard is scanned for the registry.

You can have a full fleece assessment, which includes a measure of yield and total down weight and consistency throughout the fleece, or to save on postage, you may also choose to just send samples of each fleece.    Samples, if possible, should be from the goat’s mid-side, and should be equivalent of about a 2” x 2” square.



Send each fleece or sample enclosed in a zip-lock bag along with a scorecard.   Package them up and mail them off to the judge of your choice.  Enclose a check for the total number of fleece evaluations you are requesting made out to the individual judge you are sending them to ($5 per fleece).  Please include a prepaid postage label for return of your fleeces. (Your shipper can charge you for and print this label when you arrange for shipping.  Leave your box unsealed when you take it to the shipper & then slip the prepaid label inside and seal it before shipping). 


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