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Cashmere Goat Association 

Committed to education and research touching all aspects of cashmere goats in North America

The Cashmere Goat Association (until 2014 known as the Eastern Cashmere Association) is a non-profit corporation organized to provide education about cashmere goats and their fiber. Founded as ECA in 1992, the Cashmere Goat Association (CGA) brings together breeders, fiber artists and others interested in these charming animals and the fiber they grow.

CGA members share their knowledge and love of goats at agricultural fairs and fiber festivals. The CGA also sponsors educational workshops and webinars on goat husbandry and cashmere assessment. Three times a year, members produce a publication called “HOOFPRINTS,” with articles about breeding, pasture maintenance, parasite control, health and birthing issues, and in-depth cashmere fiber analysis.

The CGA also sponsors a judged live goat show in the autumn of each year, most recently at the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival in Tunbridge, VT.   The shows are a terrific place to learn, talk to breeders, show off your best animals, and contemplate additions to your own herd.  An annual fleece competition alternates between the CGA  and the Northwest Cashmere Association (NWCA)  CGA hosts the fleece competition in Tunbridge in odd years and NWCA hosts the competition in even years. 

The CGA launched a database in 2019 that also serves as a registry for goats that qualify as North American Cashmere Goats.  See the database & registry page for information on how to register goats. 

The CGA invites everyone (including non-goat owners) to learn more about our organization. While most of our focus is on cashmere fiber, our organization is also dedicated to improving all aspects of the cashmere goat, including its meat, pelts, horns, ability to serve as a pack animal, and silvopasturing.

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