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Prior CGA Goat Show Results

The Cashmere Goat Association has been sponsoring live goat shows since its inception as the Eastern Cashmere Association.   Shows have been held at the State Fair in Virginia, The Shenandoah Fiber Festival in Virginia, The New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, and at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival.    Judges have come from Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, New York, and Maine, as well as from Canada and Australia, to offer unique perspectives on cashmere fiber and cashmere goats. 

Below are some of the results from more recent shows, and a few pictures from prior shows.   A complete history of the competitions is available in our archive of the CGA newsletter, Hoofprints. 

Champion_does_2013v2.jpg all_buck_champs.jpg 2012_champ_doe.jpg

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