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After years of discussions and dozens of planning sessions, CGA is proud to announce a cashmere goat judging clinic.  We are eager to enable a new generation of cashmere judges to offer fleece assessments and to serve as judges for fleece competitions and cashmere goat shows.     

The judging clinic committee has prepared an extensive set of reference materials and is assembling presentations for virtual and in-person training sessions.  Enrolled participants will receive a digital file with all content referenced in the program. 

The clinic is open to people who aren't ready to take on judging responsibilities yet but want to learn more about assessing their own goats and their fiber.  The clinic also welcomes judges who typically work with meat goats and dairy goats and would like to be able to add cashmere goats to their skill set.  The need is great! 

More details about the training sessions will be added here as they become available and a link to a form for registration will be provided on April 1st.   Participants may attend just the first two virtual sessions.   Those who wish to become a recognized CGA judge must attend all three sessions listed below, after which they will be assigned  an existing CGA judge for a year of mentorship. 

Session One :     May 25th 7-9 PM EST   Evaluating Cashmere Goat  Fiber (Live webinar) 
Session Two :     June 29th  7-9 PM EST  Evaluation Cashmere Goat Confirmation (Live webinar) 
      Registration fee for both Sessions One & Two and digital training guide:  $20 
      Registration limited to 100 students

Session Three :  August 5th &  6th In-Person On Site @ Springtide Farm, Bremen MA
                        Session Three Registration Fee $60.00
                        Additional fee for Lobster Bake
                        Registration limited to 25 students

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